I named this blog Release because it releases my mind from all these annoying, pent up thoughts (of which more here); because it produces daily releases in the classical, journalistic sense; and because a good blog needs to release control, cede it to the readers.

I’ve not told anyone I know I’m writing this blog, because the blog is also an experiment for me in whether or not it is possible to get a substantial readership without the help of a normal social network. So far: I’m actually not doing badly, but I have some ways to go. I have 6.000 followers on WordPress. But what I’m really longing for is more continuity of readership. If you’ve enjoyed what you read here, please leave a comment and put me in your RSS feed or follow me on Twitter. I’d like to start longer conversations.

I want this blog to go places. I want to produce something of some value every day. To do that, I need to hear from you. I’d really appreciate it if you left a comment on what you think, or spread some link love to your followers and friends.

If you’re new to the blog, you might enjoy browsing through this Greatest Hits collection I put together at some point.

Who am I? Well, what does it matter who is talking, as someone said.

I’m a white, middle class, heterosexual, 30-something male living in a relatively unimportant European country. I have a job which is great. I’m married and I have a daughter. And I have a job which requires keeping certain parts of my opinions to myself.

But I’m one of those people, you know? I need to write. I need to say what I mean. I can’t freely do it under my own name. Hence, the blog.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say. I have a liberal arts education and read as much as I find time to. I’m interested on some level in pretty much everything. Politically, I find my home on the democratic, socialist and egalitarian left wing of politics.

  1. let me say this is EXACTLY the kind of blog I was looking for. Thank you and keep posting!

  2. Your blog is very interesting, i like your writing style, accurate and well formulated ideas and arguments, it really captivated me. Keep writing, i know i’ll come back here to read more.

    • Release said:

      Thank you for the kind words, Carissa!

  3. Wow! Found you through Staff Picks and glad I did.

  4. I would like to follow your blog. Your writing speaks to me. Your “About” is one of the most “connecting” ones I have had the pleasure to read.

  5. erikleo said:

    Interesting blog. I have some philosophical themes – and humour – on mine. I’d be interested in your feedback.

  6. Refreshing to find an intelligent blog, especially when I don’t always agree. (And by a Guardian-reading civil servant who’s signed the Official Secrets Act presumably 🙂

    • Release said:

      Thank you! Pleasure to be read. Something not entirely unlike that, maybe. 😉 I’m definitely a Guardian reader, at least!

  7. RELEASE. “Writing like punching somebody.” This pulled me in, straight away. It’s something I too feel the need to do. Like punching somebody, only not physically (unfortunately). After reading your introduction I did 40 sit-ups, then I thought that I needed a Release, and what better way than to dissemble my true identity so that I can be a candid as I possible can; say whatever I wanted to say.

    I’m new to Blogging; new to WordPress; new to your Release.

    • Release said:

      Welcome! Sorry you subscribed in the middle of a dry spell.

  8. A very intelligently written blog! I love the fluidity and flexibility of your writing style moving between current affairs, your personal life and historical accounts often within one post! I’ll definitely return
    quick question before I go – how did you get amy davidsons new yorker blog on your reader?
    Thanks for the posts!

    • Release said:

      That’s actually not in my reader, it’s a traditional blogroll, just a sidebar I made myself out of some HTML I found lying around somewhere. Not an app, is what I’m trying to say.

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