Three Years

Three years on WordPress today. Yea! Let’s keep building this place up. 1871_proof_three-cent_nickel_reverse

Here are some of my plans for the future:

I want to write more posts, and that also means more shorter posts, link + commentary. I want to build my readership back up (it declined signicantly after a long hiatus). If you like what you are reading here, check out my Greatest Hits, follow me on Twitter or do what I’d most like for you to do: follow the blog, share hand-40513_960_720a piece that you’d like on email or social media. I don’t tell my friends about this blog, so the only way anyone ever finds out about it is if people like you – yes, you – spread the word. And leave comments – what I like most about this place is hearing from the readers.

I love to hear feedback — tweet me @PunchingSomeone or drop me an email at writinglikepunching at gmail dot com. All feedback welcome and appreciated. Love you all.


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