Greatest Hits!

Welcome, Fresh Pressers! I love having you guys around! Here’s how good I feel about your dropping by:

(If you get this joke, you’re a biochemistry geek.) Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re new to the blog and you like what you see, check out my About page (top), follow me on Twitter or check out my Greatest Hits collection below. I update this page occasionally.

My Greatest Hits, In No Particular Order

Staring At The Sea
An autobiographical essay about the evolutionary history of whales.

The Thin, Red Line
Thoughts on the historical meaning of the Ghouta chemical attack in August of last year. One of the posts I’m most satisfied with (not least because I started writing it just a few hours after knowledge of the sarin attack came through) … and as far as I know it had not a single reader.

Obama Should Hear Us, Not Listen To Us
The last big post I did on the NSA situation

Good Tricks And Bad Jokes
The work of philosopher Daniel Dennett used to explore the nature of creativity and “your mom”-jokes.

Blowing Up These Sparks For Their Meagre Heat:
My tribute to the poet Seamus Heaney after he passed.

Is the West Overthinking The Syrian Dilemma?
Thoughts on a possible airstrike on Syria at the end of last summer.

Blood And Fire In Egypt, Hope and Faith In Egypt
What it means to have faith in Egypt. Written after the slaughter of protesters this summer.

Thoughts On Peace In An Air Raid
Things that pass through your mind when you find yourself endorsing a military action despite non-violent ideals.

Creature Comforts
Three lines of thinking on eating the flesh of dead animals.

De Pseudo-Profundis
My last Freshly Pressed post, a critique of Malcolm Gladwell.

Clear And Present Danger:
On the occasion of the death of Tom Clancy, I did some thinking about the recent history of American fear.

Olympus Has Fallen, If You Know What I Mean
I watched Olympus Has Fallen, so you don’t have to.

Don’t Forget America, This How You Made Me
On Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” video/performance art stunt


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