Because my literally tens of readers demand it

Okay, okay, fine, FFS, I’ll start blogging again.

I don’t know how we’re going to continue like this if we all have to be online all day every day. We need good things to read. We need them steadily, from people whose voices we enjoy. Short things. Commentary about a topic the writer has a greater interest in than you do. Something funny. Something very stupid. Not some big, long, boring thing, just a little thing that you read and enjoy. If aggregation, less aggregate-y.

I think I share, 100 %, this writer’s longing for the daily influx of good writing that the blogosphere gave me. Twitter is a poor substitute, more a kind of generalised weather forecast for the psychosphere. Facebook is too close, too bound up with my personal and professional life. Blogging was always where the internet was at, for me. It hit a sort of sweet spot there. A free and easy abundance of good writing, some long, some short. (Some bad.) Mostly good.



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