Distraction of the Day

Today, you didn’t know you wanted to hear the Game of Thrones theme performed on hard drives and scanners. I’ve seen this kind of thing done before (it’s a whole genre — here is the Dr Who theme song for eight hard drives) but this one is interesting because it simultaneously displays the code driving the music.

Think about the amount of time it took for someone to assemble the sounds, build the program, write the code in the minute detail of the arrangement he’s created, complete with percussion and bassline

. What I love about this is that it gets you to think about the minute detail, the care and thought that goes into every operation our computers make. Somebody has spent weeks and weeks slaving over every line of code in the program you are using to read these words. Everything you see around you is an idea someone had in their head, made visible, audible. This video makes you see and hear that work in a delightful way.

That seems, by the way, to be one of the loving staples of nerd culture: spending absurd amounts of energy to make something bizarre, something not really economically “worth” doing.

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