For An American America


This is such a great spoof, made entirely with stock footage. They even manage to have a single candidate actor all the way through.

It’s not remarked upon often enough that election campaigns are public events made to generate collective emotions. Pointing at the theatre, the artifice and the rhetoric is good. When satire like this video point out the props and the greasepaint, it reminds you that someone is trying to change the way  you think and feel.

Today I seriously started to consider international-phonebanking for Bernie Sanders. And maybe I should. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to do with my time. Bernie is a fantastic candidate and would almost certainly take America in a far better direction. In a purely utilitarian cost-benefit analysis, I’m sure  it would be time well spent.

But I’m not an American, I’m European. I haven’t even lived in the US for over two decades. Why should this thing, this campaign, more than  a quarter of the globe away, capture my  attention in this way? It’s drama, storytelling, flash, show. We’re all watching.

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