The Trump Long-Con

Oh, God: where has this amazing hit-job portrait of Donald Trump been all my life? It’s been out for a week already. People, you have to tell me these things! Oh, I do love to hate him. Thinking of his “career” in politics (“in” … “politics”) as a long con is just perfect:

The notion that he is simply too big — too presidential — for a measly job in the Albany Statehouse has temporarily quelled his insecurity. But after this morning, Trump can no longer escape the fact that his political “career” — a long con that the blustery billionaire has perpetrated on the country for 25 years by repeatedly pretending to consider various runs for office, only to bail out after generating hundreds of headlines — finally appears to be on the brink of collapse.

It’s a rare and special quality in a man, being easy to hate. There are very few that totally manage to bring it out in me. For the truly evil, I usually feel hatred mixed with pity. They tend to be damaged in some way. But true hatred is for the vile who are also somehow too self-important and self-absorbed to fully comprehend the depths of their own depravity, while simultaneously not being interesting and decisively monstrous to be obviously evil. Something about Trump’s naked and unabashed desire to be permanently in the spotlight and high on himself combined with his utter lack of decency and common sense hits some sweet spot of loathing for me. I have trouble even articulating it. But this piece came close.

  1. kp152 said:

    Sorry. I can’t take anyone whose go-to adjective is “amazing” seriously…

  2. Release said:

    Stupefactive, supramundane, corruscating, effulgent, auroral, beatific, apocatastatic, antediluvian, sesquipedalian: take your pick. There’s a place for all words, even amazing.

  3. kp152 said:

    The problem is, I happen to agree with your post; but people who use the word “amazing” are like people who pronounce the “t” in “often”. They make themselves sound like they’re stupid, even if they’re not.
    Please don’t sell yourself short!

    • Release said:

      Ok, so, this post isn’t about that, but let me tell you why you’re so amazingly wrong. Words follow fashion, class and status when they should be following ideas. We think “cool” or “amazing” or “brilliant” or “insane” are bad words because they’re overused. They are! But that doesn’t mean that “amazing” has no legitimate place in our vocabulary.

      I do lazy word choices all the time. But what I don’t do, what one should never do, is to lazily think that just because someone uses some word you disapprove of or end a sentence on a preposition or use split infinitives (which I’ve done already in this sentence, and which is totally okay, by the way) or uses “hopefully” in the wrong way or pronounce the T in “often” or whatever your particular hangups are, that they’re stupid or their ideas are bad. You should be paying attention to the idea. This kind of judgmental way of thinking of language as having “wrong” or “right” usage is corrosive to playfulness. We should care about creative, exciting, amazing language use. Not smacking down some usage we disapprove of. You should rather, if you will allow me to grumble, have noticed the care with which I italicized the “amazing”, rather than disapproving of it entirely.

      So, enough about me. Here’s David Foster Wallace:

      • kp152 said:

        I apologize for being a SNOOT.

      • Release said:

        Friends! So: what’s up with Donald Trump’s hair?

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