The Evolution of Language, Because Linguistics.

Two wonderful, zeitgeisty articles on the evolution of language under the pressure of the internet which caught my eye today:

“The Period Is Pissed”, at The New Republic, about how putting a period at the end of your texts makes you seem angry.

Do you want to grab a sandwich?

Not really.

Writes Ben Crair, who wrote the piece:

“In the world of texting and IMing … the default is to end just by stopping, with no punctuation mark at all,” Liberman wrote me. “In that situation, choosing to add a period also adds meaning because the reader(s) need to figure out why you did it. And what they infer, plausibly enough, is something like ‘This is final, this is the end of the discussion or at least the end of what I have to contribute to it.


The second article was this hilarious piece in The Atlantic about how “because” has become a preposition to indicate causality.  He traces the development back to the early naughts. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why.


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