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Jessa Crispin of writes a short post about how she responds to people who hate the name of the blog

Every couple of weeks or so, I get an email from a woman who has just that day discovered, and she wants to try to convince me to change the name of the site. I got that email last night, after a bunch of horseradish vodka, and so I maybe sent a slightly rude response back. (“Go away, no one cares,” I believe it read.) So she went a step further. I am contributing to rape culture. When women are raped, it is partially my fault.

… Which segues into an interesting and dense little anecdote about how she told a pro-lifer she was dating that she had an abortion. 

I remember he sat there, recalculating. It didn’t really fit in with what he thought about women who had had abortions. And he did not at that moment become pro-choice, but it dented this blockade about the issue he had formed. And certainly he upended my view that pro-life men were a bunch of controlling women-haters. He was one of the kindest people I had ever met. After that conversation he walked me home, we kissed, and we continued dating for a while. That night is really strong in my memory.

I live for those moments, where people on opposite sides of an issue suddenly realise they’re all just human beings. 


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