Back Alleys, Coat Hangers

Boing Boing has a fascinating interview with a gynecologist on the physical dangers of back alley abortions, in light of recent restrictions on abortion rights in certain US states.

MKB: When we talk about “a complication” with an abortion, what does that actually mean? What kinds of problems did you see?

JG: It can range from infection — so maybe they didn’t receive their antibiotics before the procedure — or it can be as catastrophic as putting the surgical instrument through the wall of uterus and into the belly and ripping bowels apart, ripping blood vessels apart. Those blood vessels, when you’re pregnant — there’s a dramatically increased amount of blood flow to the uterus. Cut one of those major vessels and the patient can “bleed out” very, very quickly.

The gynecologist, doctor Jen Gunter also has a powerful post called “Anatomy of a Coat Hanger Abortion.”

Completely unrelated: very much enjoying WordPress’ ability to rustle up related content automagically. While redundant here, well, whatever:

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